Treffpunkt Grosser Woising

The north side of "Totes Gebirge".

feat. Phillip Gross


Flugbewegungen in Upper Austria

feat. Michett

Totes Gebirge Gr.Priel

Das Projekt: Höss - Gr.Priel - Grünau

feat. Broke For Free



feat. Blue Dot Sessions

Yet Another Flight Movie

some Memories

feat. The Polish Ambassador

Die herrlichsten Abgleiter im oberösterreichischen Alpenvorland

Einfach herrlich

feat. Ryan Cullinane
Licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 International License.

Schrocken .. Mond .. Schirme

There's one day a year...

am hochen hirschschobergas

Mountains during autumn seen from above with various people.

feat. Christian Björklund

161101 Gipfelgespräche

Zwei Piloten besprechen wichtige Dinge...

Bye Bye Love

Bye Bye my Love...

feat. Florence and The Machine (live on KEXP)

Dead Man Landing

A potpurri of hikes and flights and sights in the upper austrian Alps.

feat. Christian Björklund

The Lungau Connection

A trip to Lungau in Salzburg to the Fliegerfest from the DFC Lungau. Thank You!

feat. Ant Neely

Keyboard Cat Intermezzo

Something funny with a cat...

feat. Max Min

Totes Gebirge

A Hike to "Rotgschirr".

feat. Maxence Cyrin

Cool Summertime Fever

From Höss to Hochberg, from Kraubau to Saalbach-Hinterglemm, from Hochsalm to da Wieseck hood... Summertime was here!

feat. Roosevelt

Magique Air Aventure

Some adventures in the magic air!

feat. Sia


Flights in Upper Austria

feat. Fever Ray

Super Epic Rocket Launching Take Off

The best pilots only take off in windy conditions.
In windy conditions only the best pilots take off.

feat. Steaming Satellites

Cream On Top

A short stop on Kreuzspitz.

feat. Ratatat

Creamy Top Zapping

Zapping through the last weeks channels. Searching for more...